• SOUL POSITION thursday night Village Tavern

    by  • May 28, 2006

    The sophomore release from Soul Position (aka the tag-team of producer Rjd2 and MC Blueprint) takes a bit of the heart-rending emotion from their debut, 8 Million Stories, and a bit of the light-heartedness of their debut EP to form a completely new beast. While tracks like “Blame It On The Jager(1)” and “The Extra Mile(2)” still effuse the classic Blueprint wit, joints like “Hand-Me-Down(3)” and “No Gimmicks(4)” take decidedly more serious stances. Blueprint’s lyrical obsession this time around is wack mainstream MCs (mainly the fact that he isn’t one). Rj still brings the impressive beats (“Gimmicks,” for instance, flaunts an almost gamelan-sounding riddim) and overall this album feels more like a collaboration between the two than 8 Million Stories. 13 tracks total.